Records Management and Preservation

Historic documents are a priceless asset, providing the most comprehensive records of past events and construction. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to realize the value until it is too late. Physical copies of historic documents pose a singular point of failure – water, fire, and time – all pose a significant risk to your most valuable information. Irreplaceable and priceless, Geopro provides a solution.

Geopro utilizes the latest technology to digitally scan and preserve your historic records. Our process begins with the careful inventory of your records to identify a preservation strategy. Next we deploy preservationist technicians to carefully package and transport your records to our locations, where they are stored in our FireKing fireproof cabinets (UL 1-Hour Class 350 Rating), to ensure their protection while in our facility. Next the records are digitally tomographed using high-resolution sensors, indexed, and post-processed for image optimization, clarity, and Optical-Character-Recognition (OCR). The product is an exact digital duplicate of your physical copies, searchable and archived for eternity. Preservation of your valuable records is just one advantage; our clients also benefit from increased accessibility and efficiency from easier access to their data.

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