City of Dayton Street Light GIS Inventory

In 2016, Geopro Consultants was selected to complete a geospatial asset inventory of light poles within the City of Dayton, Ohio. Our project was managed by Geopro’s President and GIS expert, Kelly Snoke, who worked closely with City staff to deliver a robust and accurate data set.

During the six-month project, Geopro deployed GIS data collection crews to scour the fifty-six square miles within City limits, traversing more than xxx miles of roadway, to capture twenty-thousand features. Our crews located each pole using centimeter-level Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measurements, tied directly to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) via Ohio’s Virtual Refence Station (VRS) Network. All streetlights were measured in 3D, to obtain high accuracy XYZ spatial coordinates.

Our staff also measured the height and arm length of each pole, and documented attributes including lens and bulb type, wattage, and applied or repaired unique identifier labels to each.

Finally, Geopro developers implemented a unique “street view” module to assist in quality control, that allowed office personnel to visually inspect poles based on the captured latitude and longitude and executed through the Google Maps API. An innovative solution that improved our data quality and reduced collection effort.

The project was completed successfully, within budget and on time. To date, this project is still Geopro’s single largest GIS inventory, and one we are immensely proud to have been involved with.