Geopro Consultants’ geodetic control experts have extensive experience establishing geodetic control stations for a variety of clients, including airports, counties, and statewide geodetic control projects. Geodetic control serves as a common reference system for establishing coordinate positions for all spatial projects on your site. Traditionally, geodetic control points are established as permanent physical monuments placed in the ground and precisely marked, located, and documented. Our team can develop and install customized geodetic control monuments including your organization’s logo for your site to create unique and prominent permanent monumentation.

A geodetic control network is a very high priority for professional surveyors, GIS professionals, and other spatial data gatherers. Control surveys establish precise horizontal and vertical positions of geodetic monuments. These serve as the basis for originating or checking subordinate surveys for projects such as topographic mapping, boundary surveys, construction planning, and design and layout. They are also essential as a reference framework for giving locations of data entered in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Specifying locations of features relative to geodetic control makes it possible to assess the locational accuracy of these features.

Whether you need 2 monuments or 200, Geopro can help your organization to create geodetic control networks, including planning, establishment, surveying, and final reporting.