analysisGeopro Consultants offers complete e-TOD (Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Database) production and management for airports to ensure compliance with international quality requirements for terrain and obstacle data including ICAO Annex 15 up to Amendments 33, 34 and 36 and ICAO doc 9881. Using a combination of ground-based surveying techniques and photogrammetric mapping, Geopro collects the terrain and obstacle data after developing the ICAO Annex 14 surfaces.

Geopro can produce a variety of data products in support of your e-TOD challenges, including Digital Terrain Models (DTM, DSM, DEM), and digital orthophotography. Geopro is also currently working on an automated methods to produce the requisite ICAO Charts (Type A and B, Aerodrome Grid) from your current AIXM-compliant data or GIS database.