Geopro Consultants’ aeronautical team has been working with the FAA Advisory Circular standards since they were first introduced in 2007. We have extensive experience completing aeronautical surveys to all iterations of the FAA AGIS Advisory Circulars, 150/5300-16, 17, 18, and 19. Our team members have been involved in hundreds of aeronautical surveys, including WAAS, LPV, RNAV, and FAR Part-77, throughout the nation. We have expertise that exceeds virtually all other survey companies in the nation when it comes to meeting AGIS requirements. If your project requires AGIS compliance, look no further than the survey team at Geopro Consultants.

Geopro staff are specially trained and skilled at performing aeronautical surveys and regularly travel throughout the country to perform critical airfield measurements. Our staff holds FAA Certification from the Airports GIS Integrated Distance Learning Environment (IDLE) for performing aeronautical surveys to the Advisory Circular 150/5300-16, 17, and 18 and has performed hundreds of aeronautical surveys to specifications including FAA 405, FAA AGIS, and DOD SDSFIE. Our team members have a thorough understanding of airfield procedures and equipment required to complete projects both on time and under budget.

Geopro can also provide data conversion services to make your current data compliant with the FAA GIS standards. Our track record of working within the new requirements ensures that existing data is converted correctly and accepted by the FAA the first time.