Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems have been around for many years, but the power of the technology is as strong as ever.

GeoPro Consultants specializes in the implementation of GIS to meet the needs of organizations seeking to better understand their assets, inventory, and land. From existing data migration to new data collection, GPC has the experience and know-how to meet your objectives accurately and cost-effectively.

In addition to many commercial software packages, GPC also has extensive experience with open-source software and web-mapping solutions. Open-source GIS offers many benefits over commercial packages, but the dramatic cost savings is the first benefit to be realized by our clients. Where an off-the-shelf commercial package may cost several thousand dollars for a single license, open-source software is free to use and distribute and can be easily customized to your organizations needs and work-flow goals.

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Insights in GIS

Airport GIS

Geopro Consultants’ aeronautical team has been working with the FAA Advisory Circular standards since they were first introduced in 2007. We have extensive experience completing aeronautical surveys to all iterations of the FAA AGIS Advisory Circulars, 150/5300-16,...

ICAO Charting

Geopro Consultants specializes in the development of ICAO mandated aeronautical charts for obstacles, including Type A and B, and the Aerodrome Grid Chart. We also offer charting management services for airport authorities with a need for cost-effective yet highly...


Geopro Consultants offers complete e-TOD (Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Database) production and management for airports to ensure compliance with international quality requirements for terrain and obstacle data including ICAO Annex 15 up to Amendments 33, 34 and 36...

Control Networks

Geopro Consultants’ geodetic control experts have extensive experience establishing geodetic control stations for a variety of clients, including airports, counties, and statewide geodetic control projects. Geodetic control serves as a common reference system for...

Case Studies in GIS

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