Surveying is at the core of what Geopro does. We began originally as a surveying-only firm and today that focus prevails in many of our projects, though we have expanded to many other areas of service. Our team consists of professionally registered surveyors and skilled crews with the experience and knowledge to complete your project successfully.


With an aviation focus, Geopro Consultants’ surveying team has more than 25 years of combined experience performing a wide range of surveying services at both general aviation and commercial service airports including procedure development, layout planning, geodetic control establishment (PACS/SACS), and obstacle assessment. Our experience ensures that no matter your project’s needs, Geopro has the skills necessary to complete it successfully.

GPC has performed aeronautical surveys to support the needs of procedure development at airports around the globe. Our team has worked closely with numerous procedure design teams and can work to help you understand the unique obstacle challenges presented by your airspace and terrain. Our team uses a combination of global positioning systems (GPS), terrestrial surveying, as well as long-distance laser range finding technology to accurately determine coordinates for the objects you’re most concerned about. Additionally, Geopro has many long term relationships with both FAA and ICAO experienced procedure designers and can help you gain valuable insight into the best solutions to your obstruction challenges.

As an alternative, Geopro’s photogrammetric team provides quality control and validation services for your obstacles through analysis of rapidly available satellite-based imagery for airport sites around the globe. Using our experience with global partners, our team can quickly obtain up to 50-centimeter resolution full color imagery and accurately determine the locations of many man-made and most terrain objects.

Airport Layout Planning: Geopro’s unique experience with surveying airport features, collecting critical data, and meeting the needs of airport engineers and planners throughout the USA. From the heat of Florida to beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, our team has work with a wide variety of airport planners to collect the facility data, topographic features, obstacles, through application of a wide-range of survey technologies.

Geodetic Control Establishment: Geodetic Control (PACS and SACS) meet a critical need at airports, by establishing a common basis of control for all design, engineering, planning, and assessment projects. PACS and SACS provide centimeter level of accuracy to all projects performed on the airport, and provide a basis of orientation, and tying projects to the state plane coordinate system and national spatial reference system (NSRS). Geopro’s geodetic surveying experts have complete the rigorous PACS and SACS establishment process dozens of times in the last decade, meeting the FAA and NGS’s strict requirements for accuracy in timely and efficient manger. Always on-time and often below budget.

FAA AC 150/5300-16, 17, 18 and Airports-GIS (AGIS): The GPC aeronautical team has been working with the FAA Advisory Circular standards since they were first introduced in 2007. Our team members have been involved in hundreds of aeronautical surveys, including WAAS, LPV, RNAV, and FAR Part-77 surveys throughout the nation. This cornerstone of experience has resulted in Geopro having expertise that exceeds virtually all other survey companies in the nation when it comes to meeting AGIS requirements. If your project requires AGIS compliance, look no further than the tremendously experienced survey team at Geopro Consultants.

Insights in Surveying

Introduction to PACS and SACS Establishment

Geopro regularly establishes permanent airport geodetic control (Primary and Secondary Airport Control Stations). This type of work is both very specialized and physically demanding! A typical project takes about six months to complete and requires coordination with...

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Surveying Two Airports in Guatemala

Geopro spent a fantastic week surveying airports in Guatemala and enjoying the local sites and cuisine. Our airport surveying team has now visited 20 countries around the world! While in Guatemala our Team also visited the Tikal Mayan Temples and hiked a volcano!...

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Aviation Training and Certification

Over our last decade of providing aeronautical surveying services, we have often been asked to provide training to government agencies and airport authority personnel on how to properly conduct and aeronautical survey. In response to this common request, Geopro has...

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Procedure Design

Geopro Consultants has established a worldwide network of procedure designers skilled in all aspects of airspace analysis and procedure development, including RNP Procedures to improve access and safety into often remote, but highly desirable airfields. Our teams...

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Airport GIS

Geopro Consultants’ aeronautical team has been working with the FAA Advisory Circular standards since they were first introduced in 2007. We have extensive experience completing aeronautical surveys to all iterations of the FAA AGIS Advisory Circulars, 150/5300-16,...

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Obstacle Evaluation

Geopro can help airports to understand the obstacles impacting their operations as part of a cost-effective onsite evaluation developed in response to the FAA Interim Policy from November 18, 2013. In that Policy, the FAA issued guidance regarding penetrations of the...

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Control Networks

Geopro Consultants’ geodetic control experts have extensive experience establishing geodetic control stations for a variety of clients, including airports, counties, and statewide geodetic control projects. Geodetic control serves as a common reference system for...

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Case Studies in Surveying

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