Over our last decade of providing aeronautical surveying services, we have often been asked to provide training to government agencies and airport authority personnel on how to properly conduct and aeronautical survey. In response to this common request, Geopro has developed a training program available to airport authorities who wish to better understand the concepts and correct approach to conducting an AGIS-style survey.

Our survey training program focuses on the five major areas of an aeronautical survey: geodetic control, runway surveying, navigational-aid surveying, obstacles, and data reductions and reporting for ICAO specifications. The training provides real-world experience and is performed at the airfield of the client’s choosing. It also includes numerous hours of office training, where trainees are first introduced to the proper procedure for all phases of the survey process, from determining the correct runway end locations to identifying survey points for common navigational aids.

Though some training programs exist for surveying, ours is the only program that focuses on all parts of the aeronautical survey process. Another unique benefit of our program is the combined classroom and field survey training with certification exam. We offer two levels of training and certification: 40 and 80 hour programs that will take a novice airport surveyor to the certified and efficient status within two weeks.

An application process is required to be admitted to the training and not all candidates will qualify. Basic knowledge of survey instrument operation, GPS, and data processing software is required. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate of completion for the course.